Thursday, 8 September 2011

Infinitum Et Vltra

It seems to me that I cannot decide
Exactly what it is that I desire;
It might be that I can no longer hide
This need to light this big poetic fire
Embodied in this embryonic verse
Whose seed has taken root inside the womb
Which shall should it fall victim to a curse
Be not its incubator but its tomb
But only if the curse involved a death
And death kept to a schedule of its own
When targeting somebody's final breath
Which till today has no way to be known
Except when pointing gun at someone's head
And shooting twice to make sure that he's dead;   ...  [link # 1]

The journey of a poem isn't known,
The path its footsteps take obscured by fog;
Unless directions unto it were shown
It finds its progress bogged down in a bog;
Objectives once identified are good,
Around which strategies are tailor-made
And statuettes emerge from blocks of wood
When their envisioned backgrounds start to fade
And images on canvases appear
Upon the touch of paint upon a brush
To bring forth criticism or a tear
And if it was a nude perhaps a blush
Intended by the artist, maybe not,
According to what might've been the plot;     ...   [link # 2]
The mind always imagines but the worst
Such as when cats go missing overnight
Resulting in a comfort bubble burst
And panic bombs exploding left and right
Which every mother only knows too well
When children home by two come back at five
With usually a sculptured tale to tell
As kids are wont to do to stay alive
Which in their lingo means not getting spanked
And their allowances not getting axed
And TV viewing rights not getting yanked

And other benefits not getting taxed
In any manner as befits the crime
Of children not returning home on time;     ...   [link # 3] 

The spirit of the Bard doth beckon me
To speak the language that he spoke or spake
No matter how impossible it be
For one born drinking coke while eating cake
And speaketh what was spoken on the streets
Far from the lofty chambers of the arts
Where classic works are born on music sheets
And then performed in all their splendid parts;
The spirit of the Bard to me doth call
Like sirens beckon sailors from afar
And lure them to a point where they must fall
When sailing vessel hits a sandy bar;
The loftiness though grand it mayest be
Might be perhaps a bit too grand for me;     ...   [link # 4]

A slate wiped clean enables thought rebirth
Invoking images of long lost loves
And salad days of innocence and mirth
Linked to the freedom of a thousand doves
As mentioned in an MLTR* song                   *
[Michael Learns To Rock]
And what of heartache and its silent tears
That makes a love that seems so right so wrong
As sang the brothers Gibb* in bygone years              *[The B
ee Gees]
Who set ablaze the world on disco floors
Together with their disco counterparts
And triggered off the opening of doors
For all of us with disco in our hearts;
An era such as mentioned though be old
Would to its generation be like gold;     ...   [link # 5]

According to our purposes in life
So too are we accordingly equipped
Be it as both a mother and a wife
Or one whose wings of freedom end up clipped
Inside a dungeon shackled to the wall
Or on a stretcher hooked up to a drip
While loved ones waited outside in the hall
As death did too on board a ghostly ship
That ferried over to the other side
The souls of all who left this world behind
Be it a young and lovely-looking bride
Or one who's old and bent and almost blind
As death came like a thief on moonless nights
With randomly picked targets in its sights;     ...  
[link # 6]
The search for true love is a futile one
As disappointment waited like a thief
To pounce when obstacles were all but none
And rob one of one's faith and one's belief;
The search for true love is a fairy tale
Whose happy ending ends in tragedy
Which in a pub is drowned in pints of ale

Till faint and distant is the memory;
The search for true love is one that's in vain
Like looking for that fabled pot of gold
That's made of fairy dust and bitter pain
Each time the trail from hot turns icy cold;
The search for true love is a waste of time
On which should not be spent a single dime;     ...   [link # 7]
Distractions come in every shape and size
Like combat games played on computer screens
With the ability to hypnotize
Not only kids or children in their teens
As might expected be the target group
But adults of all ages too as well
Partaking of the same addictive soup
Where battlefield life is a living hell
For soldiers in a war computer game
Whose battlefield survival skills are taxed
When dodging bullets bearing someone's name
With little time to think or be relaxed
Except when luck runs out and one gets killed
And fallen soldier graves get dug and filled;     ...   [link # 8]
A new day has awakened with the dawn
And everything is just as it should be
Like mushrooms forming patterns on the lawn
Or featuring in someone's recipe
And kittens being born inside a box
Or somewhere inaccessible and dark
And someone catching someone's chicken pox
Or kissing someone's missus in the park
And someone being pursued by the cops
Or cheating on a written test in school
And someone buying something at the shops
Or doing twenty-five laps in the pool;
A new day has begun and all is well
For all those bound for heaven or for hell;     ...  
[link # 9] 
According to the nature of our deeds
So too are rewarded for our toils
With blessings in accordance with our needs
Or lashings in the form of sores and boils
As spoken by the prophets long ago
And documented in a holy book
Regarded by the world as less than so
From king and queen to bishop, knight and rook
Who follow the dictates of their own hearts
And not the will of an almighty god
As outlined in decrees set forth in parts
Upon a path not popularly trod
Where shepherds walk in search of new recruits
Not lost forever to forbidden fruits;     ...   [link # 10]
A new year by tomorrow shall be born
And who knows what adventures lie ahead
From nations that by war shall next be torn
To icons that by fate shall next be dead

According to what's in the book of life
Or movie script as written by the gods
That mentions if a man shall take a wife
And if they shall find peace or be at odds
And if their union shall be blessed with child
And if that child shall live a hundred years
And if those hundred years are calm and mild
Or drenched in blood and sweat and silent tears;
A new year by tomorrow shall begin
And we shall toast it with a glass of gin;     ...   [link # 11]

The good Lord had us made of flesh and blood
Because had we been made of hardened steel
We would fear neither God nor storm nor flood
And stand and scoff instead of bow and kneel
And laugh at death and every known disease
Like we were gods and not mere mortal men
With none in heaven or on earth to please
Except ourselves whenever we chose when
And thus contained were we in cells of flesh
Whose bars were not of steel but skin and bone
And eventhough the food was clean and fresh
When it came time to die we died alone
And once the puppeteer severed the strings
Our souls began their journey home on wings;     ...   [link # 12]
How nice to be a god with no concerns
About the trivialities of life
Like food and clothes and income tax returns
And planning Monday's schedule with the wife
To see who takes the kids to school and back
And mother for her scheduled hormone jab
And if the monthly budget is on track
And giving up blood samples for the lab
In order that what's wrong with you be known
And taking pills for this and pills for that
In order that improvement might be shown
In terms of health including losing fat;
How nice to be a god without a care
About the woes of men gods didn't share;     ...   [link # 13]
When death occurs it means God's back is turned
Regardless whether human, dog or cat
Or what might be the sum of bridges burned
By wickedness and lies and things like that
But not by which an animal is judged
As animals are innocent at heart
And by their innocence cannot be budged
To pull a load of evil on a cart
Which human beings can be made to do
If motivated by the right excuse
Including mom and dad and me and you

Depending on how long or short the fuse
And also how explosive was the charge
And if it filled a bucket or a barge;     ...   [link # 14]

A tribe was chosen out of all the tribes
To be a light that shines forth in the dark
With words of wisdom worthy of the scribes
And ancient as was Noah and the ark
That whomsoever eats the bread of life
And drinks the blood of sacrificial lamb
Shall not be harmed by hunting spear or knife
Or deadly horn of charging bull or ram
But like a god shall, well, immortal be
As promised by a prophet and a prince
Who sacrificed his life for you and me
And whose return has not been heard of since
And though it has been prophesized about
The whole world still behaves as if in doubt;     ...  
[link # 15]
Through mighty signs and wonders are we taught
According as the will of God dictates
Including doing wrong and getting caught
Or being someone everybody hates

As all are by the hands of destiny
Created in the foundry of the gods
With some destined for mediocrity
And others to prevail against the odds
Which helps if one was made of hardened steel
And tempered in the furnace of resolve
So as to not the pain of hardship feel
And overcome what else it might involve
That greets us each day at the break of dawn
Like drops of dew that sparkle on the lawn;     ...   [link # 16]

The devil through the earth goes back and forth
And taunts Almighty God with what he finds
So as to add more sinners to the broth
By sowing seeds of evil in their minds
And whispering directions in their ears
And making them believe they too are gods
Whose actions are devoid of mortal fears
And lack control as from reactor rods
Or as he did to Job he does to them
To fill their hearts with hate for God as well
Which God allows in searching for a gem
From those destined for heaven or for hell
Which Shakespeare mentioned often in his plays

And Banquo learnt when ended were his days;     ...   [link # 17]
Like pieces on a chessboard aren't we all
And moved about by He who calls the shots
And who decides if we should stand or fall
According to the way He joins the dots
As planned about a trillion years ago
In all aspects of life from start to end
For everyone on earth from Jericho
To all four corners of the world, my friend,
With horse bits in our mouths and cattle prods
To make us go where we've not been before
And thus are we but fodder for the gods
And for whose pleasure jester garb we wore
Or prison stripes the day the laughter ceased
In keeping with that gods did as they pleased;      ...     [link # 18] 
Yes, I will sing the praises of my God
Who disciplines me for my errant ways
By bringing down upon my back a rod
To teach me good behavior all my days
So that no longer crooked is my path
Nor devious as my thoughts were wont to be
And hence no longer targeted for wrath
Or retribution was someone like me
Whose genes comprised of devilry and sin
Inherited from since the world began
And in no way diluted until thin
No matter were you woman, child or man
As what was in the blood was in the blood
Unless flushed out by means of fire or flood;    ...     [link # 19]
The devil promises us paradise
While leading us along the road to hell
With sugar-coated chocolate candy lies
Whose insides were an empty, worthless shell
Which wasn't known until it was too late
And it was time to answer for our deeds
When finding ourselves standing at the gate
Beyond which pleas for mercy no one heeds
And where the screams of souls condemned are heard
And where the scent of burning flesh is smelt
And where the thought of freedom is absurd
When body fat and tissue start to melt
Forever and forever without end
When time becomes a seamless, endless blend;     ...     [link # 20]
The wrath of God which mortal can endure
When city blocks are leveled to the ground
To claim the lives of both the soiled and pure
Whose lifeless bodies utter not a sound?
The wrath of God which mortal can withstand
When ten-foot ocean waves crash onto shore
And devastate the populated land
To claim the lives of both virgin and whore?
The wrath of God which mortal can survive
When crops go bad and famine strikes the earth
To claim the lives of oldest man alive
As well as infants three days fresh from birth?
The wrath of God is called by many names
From destiny and luck to fun and games;                ...    
[link # 21]
When momentarily God looks away
A cat comes limping home as from a fight
Although its injuries might make one say
It fought and fought and fought all through the night;
When momentarily God's back is turned
A dog gets knocked down on a busy road
And though its hopes for long life end up spurned
It does not end up flattened like a toad;
When momentarily God's eyes are shut
A bus falls off a cliff and people die
And though the cause might be a loosened nut
They won't be coming home for chicken pie;
God might be dozing off an awful lot
According to the casualties we've got;                   ...     [link # 22]   
How weak and feeble is the human shell
That falls apart in old age at the seams
Unlike the oldest monastery bell
Whose chimes were still as clear as highland streams;
How frail and fragile is the human flesh
That easily gets bruised as well as bleeds
No matter were you born in Bangladesh
Or in a private hospital in Leeds;
How doomed and mortal is the human form
Which viruses and germs attack at will
And lightning turns to burnt toast  in a storm
And small projectiles to the heart doth kill;
How easily destroyed is humankind
Is what in daily news reports you'll find;                  ...     [link # 23]
How easily we justify ourselves
And fool ourselves believing wrong is right
When viewed through eyes not human but of elves
And fairies born of angel dust and light
We like to fool ourselves we were at times
As evident in what we say or do
Not even were they classified as crimes
As judged by God or men like me and you
Not even if the errors of our ways
Leads us along a path of rocks and thorns
As said to be the price somebody pays
For those whose heads concealed a pair of horns
Not visible, folks, to the naked eye
As grey hair neither was beneath the dye;     ...   [link # 24]
The young before their time are snatched away
And everybody says, "Oh, what a shame,"
Not knowing it's a better price to pay
Than adding sin upon sin to one's name
As do we all from cradle to the grave
According to the nature of  our hearts
Regardless were you master or a slave
Or one whose songs were soaring on the charts
As that is what we were since time began
As walking in the ways of God is tough
And meant more for a prophet than a man
Whose endeavors  are never quite enough
In searching for what fuels his earthly goal
And fills his belly, not his unseen soul;     ...   [link # 25]
How nice to die and start life all anew
And do what in the eyes of God was right
With no regard for one's own point of view
Except for what was righteous in His sight
And thus be blessed from start until the end
In all aspects of life including health
Which once was compromised was hard to mend
Regardless of one's ownership of wealth
As even wealthy men were known to die
At some point or the other in their lives
About which honest medics wouldn't lie
To either them, their children or their wives
That hospitals could only do so much
With all their life-extending tools and such;     ...   [link # 26]
Just as it's mentioned in the book of life
So too have we been struck down by the sword
That we might not betray a faithful wife
And thus be cursed forever by the Lord

Who frustrates our attempts in doing wrong
By chopping off our hands as well as feet
As sinfulness is easy to the strong
As breathing air or walking down the street
And so have we been ruined in our sleep
Such that we wake up to a world that's dark
So that our victims do not have to weep
Should we but see them and like wild dogs bark
And so are we imprisoned in a cell
That we might not for misdeeds burn in hell;     ...   [link # 27]
The shaping and re-shaping of our lives
To make us go where we might not have gone
Is sometimes done by using sculpting knives
Or fishing hooks used in the Amazon
And in some cases plastic surgery
Performed upon a man against his will
And though it might be seen as cruelty
It stops him doing that which makes him ill

Like food he used to eat that's full of oil
And what he used to smoke that harmed his health
And leads to people buried in the soil
Regardless of their standings or their wealth
Which might prolong somewhat their days on earth

In places where they get their money's worth;     ...   [link # 28]
How nice to die and leave this world behind
With all its troubles left behind as well
And in the afterlife some comfort find
Unless of course you find yourself in hell
In which case life on earth would be preferred
In spite of all its troubles I suppose
Although somebody else might be deterred
Such as a Martian with a funny nose
As life on earth was like a lucky draw
Whereby you died if lucky you were not
As ordained by the pulling of a straw
Or by its length while casting names by lot
To see who dies tonight while sound asleep
Or gets killed by a bear while herding sheep;     ...  
[link # 29] 
And what of love romantics sing about
That sets the world ablaze with hopes and dreams

And makes one from a rooftop want to shout
The name of his beloved from its beams
And tell the world of his undying love
For she who makes the robins sing and dance
And makes the sun shine brightly up above
And gives the nights a hint of wild romance
And makes him skip where once he used to walk
And makes him glad where there was no joy
And makes him sing where once he used to talk
And makes him once again a little boy
Without a single worry in the world
To care about as each new day's unfurled;     ...   [link # 30]
What song shall I sing thee, my Valentine,
This fourteenth day we lovers celebrate
As we sit here by candlelight and dine
As lovers everywhere do on this date?
With eyes as deep as oceans full of love
And lips as sweet as honey found in jars
Thou art a goddess sent from up above
To hold my hand and take me to the stars;
What song shall I sing thee, my lovely queen,
To celebrate the love I have for thee,
O thou whose beauty men have not yet seen
As I, thy slave, with mine own eyes doth see?
How truly blessed a mortal am I, aye,
To be the chosen apple of thy eye;     ...   [link # 31]
What sort of verses did you have in mind
When you requested them from one as me?
My writing skills of late have lagged behind
As has what love I may have had for thee
Which was no fault of yours but one of mine
For which I once again apologize,
Deserving death by drowning in the Rhine
For causing tears to flow down from your eyes
For which I hate myself with all my heart
And curse as well the day that I was born
For better life be snuffed out at the start
Than be to others like a jagged thorn
That causes pain wherever it doth grow
And teardrops of the innocents to flow;     …   [link # 32]
The three moles that surround your pretty nose
Do not distract the viewer from your face
As neither do the sharp thorns from a rose
Whose beauty isn't dislodged from its place
Because it is your eyes that strikes one most
With deep and piercing looks they did possess
Like one in endless search from coast to coast
For something or someone without success
And what about the lips above your chin
Which represent the doorway to your heart
And all the love that may be found within
Which flows out once released by Cupid's dart
And dazzles him who's spellbound by your charms
And finds his paradise within your arms?     …   [link # 33] 
Why does it bother me till daylight ends
To see your photos on somebody's wall
Since we were only social network friends
Who might in this life never meet at all?
Why does it bother me like one gone mad
To see somebody else in love with you
From all the photographs of you he had
Quite openly displayed in public view?
What thorn was this that pierced my side all day
That's been there from the moment it was known
Somebody else loved you from far away
From photographs of you he's made his own?
No hidden meaning in what is unseen
Is hoped in that which makes my brown eyes green;  … [link # 34]
Why is my speech affected when we talk
With words so slurred that they were hardly heard
As if I had a mouth that's full of chalk
Which in my coffee had been slyly stirred?
Were you a sorceress in false disguise
Whose spells made gibberish eloquent speech
Of anyone who looked into your eyes
Or as you spoke stared at your lips like peach?
Why do my hands shake every time we meet
And butterflies inside my belly fly
And why does clumsiness engulf my feet
When in your presence stood or sat did I?
What is my body language telling me:
That I should be afraid of one like thee?     …   [link # 35]  
When cats go missing panic holds the reins
And peace of mind is nowhere to be found
And desperation races through the veins
And screams in utmost pain without a sound;
When cats stop coming home the mind goes mad
And something in the heart begins to die
And what one thinks has happened is all bad
As optimism at this point's a lie;
When cats go missing panic grips the heart
And doesn't let go till it screams in pain
And feels as if it's being torn apart
When calling out their names is done in vain;
A missing cat might seem by nature mild
But not when likened to a missing child;     …   [link # 36]  
Just how might one do evil with one's eyes
If blind was what one had been since one's birth
And how might one weave tales from crafted lies
If one had been mute all one's days on earth
And how might one do evil with one's hands
If what one had in place of them were stumps
Like others have laid waste to foreign lands
With tools like armies, bombs and ammo dumps
And how might one do evil with one's mind
If one had not the right amount of brains
Like bandits of a certain gifted kind
Who specialize in robbing banks and trains?
Without the right tools - metal, flesh or wood
One can do nothing whether bad or good;     …   [link # 37]
It's been a long time since you were last seen
And fresh still were the wounds that scarred my heart,
O you who were both lady and a queen
And wore your feline fur coat like an art;
I often wonder in what form death came
The day you suddenly stopped coming home
As did for some a bullet with a name
And others in a hospital in Rome;
It might've been most probably a dog
Or as you crossed the road a passing car
Which also kills by way of toxic smog
In long term ways like nicotine and tar;
However, if by men your blood was shed
I swear they shall to wolves be someday fed;     ...   [link # 38]
Yes, I shall sing the praises of my God
Who castrates his opponents in their sleep
And knocks their teeth out with an unseen rod
And renders them as harmless as were sheep
And thereby nipping evil in the bud
Before it has a chance to spread its wings
And drag the innocents off through the mud
Or cause the fall of kingdoms and their kings
By treachery or sorcery and such
And sometimes murder by the king's own son
Whose hands at times conceal a woman's touch
That lurks behind the quest for battles won
Regardless of the cost in terms of blood
That sweeps away the fallen like a flood;     ...     [link # 39]     
My repertoire of culinary skills
Encompasses a range that's not too bad
From scrambled eggs on toast without the frills
To sardine sandwiches I learnt from dad;
Let's not forget my instant noodle stew
Into which vegetables and stuff are thrown
Like in the fashion of a witch's brew
Into which magic spells and stuff are sown;
Canned mushroom soup's another favored dish
For one with little time or love for food
Who still ensures there's always lot of fish
For both his cats in times of bad or good;
As long as it is hassle-free and quick
Come time to cook and eat that's what I'll pick;     ...   [link # 40]
Do not flee at the sound of gunshots heard
Or from exploding mortar rounds next door
For though they might be fatal to a bird
Or to an infant crawling on the floor
The revellers behind it are mere kids
Or most of them at least are anyway
And come their festivals they make their bids
For having firecracker fun all day
And every night before their big day comes
Which either you get used to or you don't
As bombs explode from cities to the slums
As even cops can't stop them or they won't
And so for visitors, a friendly tip:
Bring earplugs on your next Malaysian trip;     ...   [link # 41]
How nice to be a pebble on a beach
And never have to worry about food
From one meal to the next which cook books teach
Was an adventure underneath the hood
And not the chore it might appear to be
To those with little love or time for it
As in the case of specimens like me
Who tired of its bottomless-like pit
Located in the belly of the beast
Whose hungry mouth was never satisfied
Regardless of how bountiful the feast
Or rich the culinary course it plied
Which rendered weak its host if lax were you
As bottomless-like pits were wont to do;          ...    [link # 42] 
A new year has begun and what have we?
Islamic militants and severed heads,
Good falling-oil-price news for you and me,
Oh, airline travel everybody dreads
With every new disaster that unfolds,
A round of peace talks with the Russian bear
About its neighbor's garden it now holds
By proxy though the uniforms they wear
Belie the flag the rebels battle for,
The monsoon season turning land to sea
And making thousands scramble out the door
As TV viewers watch while sipping tea,
The  power of a cartoon from a pen
That brings forth blazing guns and enraged men;   ...   [link # 43] 
"No leftovers for us," so say my cats,
"And each time we get fed we want it fresh
And, no, we're not as spoiled as other brats
Nor were we what's called cuteness in the flesh;
It's just that scavengers we weren't since birth
Unlike the backyard cats that came and went
As were the billion strays that walked the earth
Who lived not in a home but in a tent
And heavy on the chicken if you please
And let the backyard cats have all the fish
'Cos when addiction overtakes disease
That's all you want to see piled on your dish
Or maybe it's our taste buds that's to blame
For liking chicken without any shame."                  …     [link # 44]  
Unwanted kitten dumping season's here
As symbolized by what's outside my gate
And dumped by someone when the coast was clear
And that would mean at night when it was late
And probably because it was a girl
Which in these parts meant babies all the time
Which someone without heirs would treat like pearl
And not like being female was a crime
As was the case in some parts of the world
Where sons-in-law were bought with cash and gifts
And rolls of silk embroidered and unfurled
And on the wedding night a skirt that lifts:
A bonus that's part of the bridal price
Paid by the parents without thinking twice;       ...     [link # 45]
The Arab Spring has reached Malaysian shores
But Najib and his armies step aside
And even grant safe passage to the scores
Of yellow T-shirts marching side by side
Demanding that he hand over his crown
For millions he received from overseas
In private bank accounts somewhere in town
Kept undisclosed in spite of public pleas
But to his credit tear gas isn't used
To clear the streets crammed full of yellow shirts
And salvage traffic codes that were abused
By law-sidestepping folk in jeans and skirts;
As long as everyone is safe from harm
The victory of this round's in his palm;       …   [link # 46]
Imprisoned, aren't we all, by full-time jobs
Or marital commitments, some might say,
Resulting in domesticated slobs
Whose full potential see no light of day;
Imprisoned, aren't we all, by petty things
Like food and water, clothes, a bed, a roof,
Scoffed at by creatures born with feathered wings
Such as the eagle, regal and aloof;
Imprisoned, aren't we all, by things like greed
And lust and anger, jealousy and hate,
Which lead to sores that fester, wounds that bleed,
And maggots that come crawling out the gate;
Imprisoned, aren't we all, by life on earth
In prison cells of flesh and blood since birth;    …   [link # 47]
Accordingly as we have been equipped
So too the lives that we were destined for:
For some as soldiers off to war zones shipped
While others find their calling in a store;
Accordingly as we've been cursed or blessed
So too the nature of our destinies:
For some to bring forth children as you've guessed
While others bomb our homes and families;
Accordingly as we've been shaped and carved
So too the paths for which we were ordained:
For some to eat like kings and yet be starved
While others walk with God and yet are stained;
No destiny can ever be fulfilled
Unless the right tools needed were first milled;     ...  [link # 48]
The Mister Nice Guy I have always been
Has learnt the hard way sometimes to say 'no'
Resulting from the blackouts on my screen
The times I did not say 'no' like a pro;
The Mister Nice Guy I once used to be
Has now learnt to say 'sorry, try next door'
As it was better looking out for 'ME'
Than cleaning someone's vomit off the floor;
The Mister Nice Guy hat I once had worn
Was now collecting dust inside a box
As it was better blowing my own horn
Than looking for somebody's missing ox;
Advisable it was to not be nice
If sharks were spotted and thin was the ice;      ...    [link # 49]
If I were to but dip these feet of mine
Into a pond of pure Shakespearean verse
My tongue would soon be slurred from too much wine
And alien would my language be or worse
And anyone that did but hear me speak
Would think of me as quirky, strange or odd
And in these modern times a language freak
Who should in language terms be better shod
Like one who hath the knowledge gained in schools
And hath the application skills as well
And doeth not the wrong that's right for fools
Nor doth he in the archaic past dwell
As wouldst thou too wert thou a fool like me
And if that's so, plus Shakespeare, that makes three;  ... [link # 50]
If I composed a sonnet every day
I would in fifty days have fifty more
To add to a collection, if I may,
Describe as something unheard of before
As who made sonnets linked to form a chain
Especially these modern days in time

Except someone perhaps with half a brain
And wit enough to look for words that rime
And count off syllables from one to ten
Which any child most certainly could do
And pick a word that rhymes with 'ten' like 'hen'
Instead of something else found in the zoo
Of words that rhyme and pictures that they paint
Like those that make you smile or make you faint;  ...   [link # 51]
Men oftentimes forget they are not gods
And act accordingly in all they do
Like hunting polar bears with sharpened rods
And cougars, elk, an elephant or two
For trophies to be hung up on their walls
Or photographs to show off to their friends
As if that mirrored how big were their b*lls
In tandem with contemporary trends
Like social media websites nowadays
Where all their hunting trophies were displayed
And sparked debates between the 'ayes' and 'nays'
And left the nature-loving groups dismayed
And led to children asking parents why
Such creatures that harmed no one had to die;   ...   [link # 52]
When writers hit a wall their minds go blank
And silent are the mighty pens they wield
Somewhat like having nothing in the bank
Or having farm tools but a barren field;
When writers hit a wall the lights go out
And all that's left to do is close up shop
Somewhat like planting season hit by drought
And sun-scorched skies from which falls not a drop;
When writers hit a wall the taps run dry
And all related work comes to a halt
Somewhat like breaking eggs one means to fry
But pulling out the plug for lack of salt;
A temporary thing, this writer's block,
As ships at some point must return to dock;   ...     [link # 53] 
Beware she who controls you with her eyes
And guides you with a sweetness in her voice
As for her sake you will indulge in lies
Should complications leave you little choice;
Beware she who controls you with a smile
And guides you with a softly spoken word
As for her sake you will do what was vile
Were nobler options better off deferred;
Beware she who controls you with her charms
And guides you with a slight touch of the hand
As for her sake you will resort to arms
Should actions less dramatic seem less grand;
A dangerous phenomenon was love:
Before you touch it, better wear a glove;   ...     [link # 54]
My fortified defenses have been breached
And overrun by an invading force
Whose spear tip has my inner sanctum reached
In hopes of choking life off at its source;
My impregnable fortress has been stormed
And overrun by kamikaze hordes
And where my last defenses have re-formed,
Beneath their feet were thin and flimsy boards;
My fortified defenses  have been crushed
And overrun by chariots of war
In waves till all resistance has been hushed
And lifeless were the bodies on the shore;
Yes, influenza is at times a bitch,
Its remedy concocted by a witch;   ...   [link # 55]

...[to be contd.]